Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Alfredo Alcala - "Who Dares Cheat The Dead?"

This cleanly done, Gothic story comes from Ghosts No. 15, June 1973. The appropriately clean, Gothic artwork comes from Alfredo Alcala - frequent contributor to 1970s DC horror anthology titles. I love Alcala's beautiful cross hatching.


  1. There's some really nice art in this one, last page, middle panel is especially beautiful, I'd hang that on my wall. Like most pre-code DC, the stories a bit meh, the ending is unannounced, but it serves well as a moral tale about greed and a nice little ghost story.

  2. Brian: Thanks for dropping by - I love Alcala art - much like a lot of the Filipino artists working around that time -very intricate and dramatic. I agree about the unannounced ending. Sort of just plops down without much grace, doesn't it? The story was humming along so nicely, too.