Friday, August 1, 2014

"Last Tango in Hell" - art by Ramona Fradon

“The Last Tango in Hell” features the work of my favorite DC artist of the 1970s, Ramona Fradon. In an interview with Katherine Keller of Sequential Tart in 2000, Fradon said the she loved doing stories for House of Mystery in the 1970s because she got to work with Joe Orlando, editor of the series. Here’s what she said about Mr. Orlando:

“He was a wonderful editor because he really cared about drawing and the way the books looked. He gave me a lot of tips about inking and design. He really was interested, whereas other editors– I never had another editor who ever corrected the work or who expected me to do better than I was doing. They're mostly interested in the writing, I think, but Joe was a graphics man. It was really a wonderful thing to work for him.”

This story comes from House of Mystery No. 232, June 1975.

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