Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Demon Hound" House of Mystery, 1975

Ah, a boy and his dog. Is any theme in literature more heart warming? In this case the only thing being warmed are the jaws of Hell. This tale comes from House of Mystery No. 232, June 1975. Artwork is by Ruben Yandoc (Rubeny) another of DC's fine stable of Filipino artists that did such impressive work throughout the 1970s. Jack Oleck supplied the script.


  1. You're back, Mykal! It's no bloody pulp, but post-code DC horror isn't ground that has been covered a lot, so there will be a lot of interesting work to see.

    Post-Code DC horror had a great collection of artist but also had a lot of pretty dry as-it-turns-out stories, so I'm interested to see what you pull up. Welcome back, we (at least I) missed your work!

  2. Brian: So good to hear from you. Keep the faith, baby.

  3. We see that your wonderful Blog turns a Year Old this Month... we will have to post a Congrats & "shout-out"....
    ....the Doctor.....