Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dashin' Don Heck in Tower of Shadows - 1970

Wow, is this a tale from 1970, when Marvel was the grooviest comic book company ever! All the Marvel trademarks are here: hip, NYC scene, cool jargon; and an innate since of . . . well, cool – which came from Swingin’ Stan Lee. This tale of hippies and Hell comes from Tower of Shadows No. 4, March 1970, with art by Don Heck and story by Allyn Brodksky. Also, dig this happenin’ cover by Marie Severin (Pencils) and Herb Trimpe (Inks). Side note: Love the reference to the television show, Dark Shadows. That exemplifies how very cool Dark Shadows was then - all the cool kids (or destined to be cool kids) rushed home from school to watch it.


  1. Ha! Clever bit of misdirection in this one, keeping the Alistar front and center for most of the story made you not see the second ending coming.

    Heck did a superb job (as always) on this, but the monster looked a little more like a typical hulk enemy than a demon, but that's a minor complaint.

    I know it's the DC pages of fear, but more from this mag would be welcome!

  2. You got it, Brian. I've decided to expand the scope a bit so I can include the occasional Marvel title into the mix - done mostly so I can post a wider variety of artists. Expect to see more from this title and Chamber of Darkness as well.

  3. this tale was republished in the 70's... we have a copy of this story... but Not this comic...