Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"The Moving Finger Writhes . . !" Gene Colan Art!

Stan Lee called Gene Colan "The Dean" (Gene "The Dean" Colan) with good reason - his artwork was always so dramatic and alive. Here he is wonderfully inked by Mike Esposito (working here as Joe Gaudioso). Script by Sawmp Thing's great scribe, Len Wein. This comes from Marvel's Tower of Shadows No. 3, January 1970.


  1. Yeah, Mykal's back! A fun little story with, as always, incredible art by Colan. He really had a good handle on camera angles, there's a lot of fine stuff here, a lot of low and high angles that work with the story being told.

    You repeated a couple pages, though, might want to get that fixed!

  2. Good eye, Brian - Thanks! I got it fixed.